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Festival DreamAgo Crans-Montana (Suisse)

Friday, October 5th at 8pm. CMart - 3963 Crans Montana

Informations : +41 (0)79 428 34 13 



Ronny Trocker / France, Belgium/ 2016/ Animation/Fiction/ 07'25/ DCP

On a sun-drenched Mediterranean beach, time seems to stand still. Exhausted, a black man crawls away from the beach. No one around him seems to notice his presence. Freely based on a photo by Juan Medina, taken on a beach on Gran Tarajal in 2007.

Interview du réalisateur (VF)
Interview of the director (EN)

El Afilador

James Casey / Mexico, United States/ 2017/ Fiction/ 08'49/

A young woman works in a small café in downtown Mexico City. She spends her days preparing food, listening to sentimental music and waiting for the object of her obsessions to arrive.

An interview with the director (EN)


Zoel Aeschbacher / Switzerland/ 2017/ Fiction/ 19'00/

  Prix du Public (2018)

A mosaic of interrelated characters living in the same social housing project and all in search of happiness, forgiveness and meaning.

Boogaloo & Graham

Michael Lennox / United Kingdom/ 2014/ Fiction/ 14'00/

Jamesy and Malachy are over the moon when their soft-hearted dad presents them with two baby chicks to care for, but the two boys are in for a shock when their parents announce that big changes are coming to the family.

Die Besonderen Fähigkeiten des Herrn Mahler

Paul Philipp / Germany/ 2017/ Fiction/ 28'55/ DCP

East Germany, 1987: special investigator Mahler is said to have paranormal abilities. The police assign him to solve the case of 6-year-old Henry Kiefer, who has been missing for weeks, before this issue leads to political tensions with the West.

Bon Voyage

Marc Raymond Wilkins / Switzerland/ 2016/ Fiction/ 21'00/ DCP

Jonas and Silvia are enjoying a sailing holiday in the Mediterranean. But far away from land, they discover an overloaded refugee boat, close to sinking. They call the coast guards but lose sight of the boat. In the early morning, they find themselves drifting through...

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