Screenings Abroad

Shorts Mexico - Programa 2

International Short Film Festival - México

From 5th September to 12th Septembre 2018


Avant que de tout perdre

Xavier Legrand / France/ 2012/ Fiction/ 30'00/ DCP

  Prix de la Presse Télérama (2013) ,   Prix de la Jeunesse (2013) ,   Grand Prix (2013) ,   Prix du Public (2013)

Julien is 10 years old. He pretends to go to school but then hides out under a bridge, his backpack filled with clothes. A few kilometers away, 15-year-old Joséphine does the same and waits for the bus.

Tournage du film
Critique de Format Court

The Barber Shop

Gustavo Almenara , Emilien Cancet / France/ 2017/ Documentary/ 16'13/

  Prix Égalité et Diversité (2018)

Surrendered to razors and scissors, Emran, Gadisa and Maher are having their hair cut and beards trimmed. Sitting before the mirror, their thoughts drift between memories of their countries and the tragic events of the journey that brought them here, to the Calais...

Lisboa orchestra

Guillaume Delaperrière / France/ 2012/ Documentary/Experimental/ 12'00/ DCP

A musical stroll through Lisbon, the city of seven hills. Through the day's urban rhythms, an original and hypnotic music is composed using audio and visual samples collected in the Portuguese capital.

Dossier de presse
Biographie Guillaume Delaperrière
Captations Lisboa orchestra


Ludovic Houplain , Hervé de Crécy , François Alaux , H5 / France/ 2009/ Animation/ 16'00/ 35 mm

  Prix "Attention Talent" FNAC (2010) ,   Prix Audi (2010)

Spectacular car chases, an intense hostage crisis, wild animals rampaging through the city, and even more in Logorama!

Critique 1
Critique 2
Critique 3
Critique de Maël Tanneau Collège Jeanne d'Arc (63) - 3e prix Collèges 2010
Interview des réalisateurs 1
Interview des réalisateurs 2
Logorama oscarisé
Bande annonce


Carine May , Mourad Boudaoud , Yassine Qnia , Hakim Zouhani / France/ 2013/ Fiction/ 13'17/ DCP

  Prix Spécial du Jury (2014)

Steve is in his late twenties. Tonight, he's replacing his father, who works as watchman at the community pool. Everything is going smoothly, until the young man starts hearing strange noises.

Note d'intention
Scénario avant tournage
Photos du tournage
Interview des réalisateurs lors de la rencontre avec le Lycée Jean Zay

Panthéon Discount

Stéphan Castang / France/ 2016/ Fiction/ 14'45/ DCP

  Prix Etudiant de la Jeunesse (2017) ,   Prix du Public (2017)

The year is 2050. Doctors have been replaced by a machine called Sherlock, a kind of super-scanner that not only diagnoses but also heals depending on the patients' means. Doctors have now become financial advisers who sell health insurance and solutions that are more...

Notes des producteurs
Scénario début
Interview du réalisateur (VF)
Interview with the director (EN)

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