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DeKalb Elementary

Reed Van Dyk / United States/ 2016/ Fiction/ 20'24/ DCP

  Grand Prix (2017)

Inspired by an actual 911 call placed during a school shooting incident in Atlanta, Georgia.


José Miguel Ribeiro / Portugal/ 2016/ Animation/Documentary/ 18'00/ DCP

  Prix (2017) - du meilleur film documentaire (Documentaire sur grand écran)

This is a film about how war settles in the bodies of the people who are forced to experience it directly. And then, thousands of miles away and dozens of years ahead, how, like a virus, it can still infect other human beings.

Interview du réalisateur (VF)
interview of the director (EN)

Panthéon Discount

Stéphan Castang / France/ 2016/ Fiction/ 14'45/ DCP

  Prix Etudiant de la Jeunesse (2017) ,   Prix du Public (2017)

The year is 2050. Doctors have been replaced by a machine called Sherlock, a kind of super-scanner that not only diagnoses but also heals depending on the patients' means. Doctors have now become financial advisers who sell health insurance and solutions that are more...

Notes des producteurs
Scénario début
Interview du réalisateur (VF)
Interview with the director (EN)

Welcome Home Allen

Andrew Kavanagh / Australia/ 2016/ Fiction/ 11'00/ DCP

A group of soldiers return home to a world that may no longer recognize them.


I want Pluto to be a planet again

Marie Amachoukeli , Vladimir Mavounia-Kouka / France/ 2016/ Animation/ 11'32/ DCP

A trans-humanist romance in the near future. A young boy of modest origins, Marcus, an H-, falls madly in love with an H+.

The Spa

Will Goodfellow / Australia/ 2016/ Fiction/ 08'07/ DCP

When retiree Don declares he no longer wants the new spa he's just ordered, Ivan the deliveryman suspects there's more to the story than Don is willing to admit.

Interview du réalisateur (VF)
Interview of the director (EN)

Working with Animals

Marc Reisbig / Norway/ 2016/ Fiction/ 04'02/ DCP

A documentary film director tries to control something that is inherently uncontrollable, wild animals.

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