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SACO Screening

On Sunday 18th March 2018 at 6pm

At the theater Filarmónica

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David O'Reilly / United States, Ireland/ 2017/ Animation/ 10'40/

  Prix Spécial du Jury (2018)

An interactive experience about life narrated by recordings of the great British philosopher Alan Watts.


Pang-Chuan Huang / France/ 2017/ Documentary/Experimental/ 19'48/

  Grand Prix (2018)

Two journeys take place in two different periods. One is a train journey across two continents. The other follows an old family photograph back to life during wartime. The rhythmic swaying of the train reveals a forgotten memory.

Présentation du film par le réalisateur / Presentation by the filmmaker [video]
Entretien avec le réalisateur (FR)
An interview with the director (EN)


Rosto / France, Netherlands, Belgium/ 2018/ Animation/Fiction/ 14'15/

  Prix des effets visuels Allegorithmic (2018)

Everything is different but nothing has changed. A trip through a sunken maze of memories and dreams.


Jakub Radej / Poland/ 2017/ Documentary/ 25'00/

  Prix du meilleur film documentaire (Documentaire sur grand écran) (2018)

The film follows the journey of the body and belongings of a recently deceased lonely person. In an ascetic form, it questions the meaning of life, the importance of the individual and the value of material goods.

Entretien avec le réalisateur (FR)
An interview with the director (EN)

Black America Again

Bradford Young / United States/ 2016/ Experimental/ 21'55/

  Prix du Public (2018)

This short film, inspired by Common's "Black America Again", is a celebration of the beauty, strength, perseverance and spirit of the Black community in spite of these troubling times.

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