Screenings Abroad

Brussels Short Film Festival / Face forward

Saturday April 28th at 9 pm 

& Saturday May 5th at 5.30 pm

Vendôme Theatre

Chaussée de Wavre 18

1050 Ixelles - Brussels




For the 40th birthday of the Festival de Clermont-Ferrand, the BSFF offers a carte blanche to the greatest festival of the short film (165.000 viewers in 2018). They will propose two programs: one best-of the greatest comedies and a second program dedicated to great names of the short films.


Kacey Mottet Klein, naissance d'un acteur

Ursula Meier / Switzerland/ 2015/ Documentary/ 14'00/ DCP

A young boy grows up and develops, testing his limits and discovering his darker hidden parts.

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Après Suzanne

Félix Moati / France/ 2016/ Fiction/ 16'36/ DCP

Joachim returns to live with his parents after having his heart broken for the first time. Despite their excessive kindness and his own sense of alienation from the world, he will embrace life again thanks to his longtime friend Allan, chance encounters with pretty...


Avant que de tout perdre

Xavier Legrand / France/ 2012/ Fiction/ 30'00/ DCP

  Prix de la Presse Télérama (2013) ,   Prix de la Jeunesse (2013) ,   Grand Prix (2013) ,   Prix du Public (2013)

Julien is 10 years old. He pretends to go to school but then hides out under a bridge, his backpack filled with clothes. A few kilometers away, 15-year-old Joséphine does the same and waits for the bus.

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Constance Meyer / France/ 2015/ Fiction/ 15'29/ DCP

Gérard, a lonely 60-year-old man, lives in a small flat on the 12th floor of a tower block. Every day, he looks after a young woman's baby, Teo. A natural bond unites these two, Gérard is massive and sturdy, Teo is small and fragile.

Interview avec la réalisatrice [FR]
Interview with the director [EN]
Interview avec la réalisatrice (Parcours de cinéma)

Les Lézards

Vincent Mariette / France/ 2012/ Fiction/ 14'00/ DCP

Léon asks a girl he meets on the internet to join him at the public baths. He brings his pal Bruno along to document his hypothetical conquest. The two wait for the mysterious woman in this most improbable of locations for a date.

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